Made in Australia for over 35 years

Supporting Australian Jobs

Australian Made

Reflex has been Australian Made since its launch in 1984. Reflex is well known for its reliability, quality and performance.

Choosing Australian Made Reflex over imported papers benefits the Australian economy, protects local manufacturing jobs, and allows paper buyers to purchase a trusted brand made to globally recognised environmental standards.

Support Australian Made Recycled

By choosing 100% Reflex Recycled Australian Made Paper you are:

Manufacturing in Gippsland Victoria

Reflex office paper is manufactured at Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Established in 1937, Maryvale Mill is one of Australia’s largest integrated pulp and paper making operations.


Maryvale Mill is one of the largest employers in the Latrobe Valley with approximately 850 full time employees. When flow on effects are taken into account, the Maryvale Mill supports 2,387 jobs and contributes $451 million to the economy of the Latrobe Valley region. Australian Paper is committed to supporting and contributing to the region’s success into the future