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By recycling the paper we use, we can all help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. But we can do more. By choosing to buy Australian made recycled paper, you can help to close the local office paper recycling loop and support a local employer committed to ongoing investment and sustainable growth.

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Make it Australian Recycled

Australian Paper partners with Planet Ark to promote and grow demand for locally made, high-recycled content office and printing papers.


The ‘Make it Australian Recycled’ is a unique Australian initiative for local recycled papers. The campaign was launched in 2013 to encourage consumers, businesses and governments on a range of levels to purchase recycled paper. With a rich history of successful recycling initiatives all over Australia since 1992, Planet Ark is well placed to help Australian Paper achieve this goal.


Make It Australian Recycled – a unique Australian initiative for local recycled papers.

Make a difference. Make it Australian Recycled.

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