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History of Reflex

Reflex is the most recognised office paper brand in the Australian market with close to 100 per cent total recall among paper buyers.  Following its launch in 1984, Reflex was the first office paper in the world to be advertised on television and has since established a succession of commercials based around the famous message “Always Rely on Reflex”. 

Reflex quickly became a household name and is now the leading Australian brand of office paper and considered one of Australia’s Superbrands.

Superbrands Award

Over nearly three decades, Australians have relied on Reflex for superior quality and performance.


Reflex was launched in 1984 following market research and a recognition that quality was a driving factor in the booming office papers market. Supporting the launch with a powerful integrated marketing campaign, the brand achieved immediate sales success and quickly became a household name.

The first Reflex television commercial was in 1984 and won Commercial of the Year. It was followed by the extremely successful Reflex Action television campaign, which included “Spinning Chair” and “Falling Ladder” which were augmented with high impact special effects.


In 1993 the manufacture of key Reflex products was transferred to machine number five, where it is still made today, at Australia’s largest paper making complex at the Maryvale Mill in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. This provided the capabilities to further improve Reflex product quality and meet growing consumer demand and also enable new product developments.


Reflex new product developments in the early 2000’s included 50% and 100% recycled content products, an unwrapped carton as well as an A5 size and whiteness improvements. In 2006, Reflex received forestry certification and also introduced transparent ream wrappers for the seven A4 Reflex Colours. Later Reflex launched the first certified Carbon Neutral office paper product in the Australian market.

Reflex was also given further quality boosts in 2008 as Australian Paper completed a major upgrade of the Maryvale Mill. With an investment of $600 million, ultimately, this major investment also allowed Reflex to be upgraded in whiteness and was re-launched as Reflex Ultra White in 2009 with a national, fully integrated consumer communications campaign.

2009 also saw the Reflex brand extend into the broader stationery category with new product developments including a range of envelopes, writing pads, notebooks and mailing labels which were launched with a dedicated television commercial.

2008 the launch of the “Ejector Seat” television commercial  which saw a dedicated office worker shoot up in his office chair to retrieve a pack of Reflex from a delivery trolley. This campaign proved to be so popular that it continued to be screened until the end of 2010.


In 2011 the new television commercial named 'Dancer' was launched; introducing music, dancing and teamwork in the familiar office setting immediately proved popular with consumers offering a memorable and upbeat commercial.

Recent product developments include the re-launch of Reflex Carbon Neutral as Ultra White, Carbon Neutral in an unwrapped carton, range of 2, 3 and 4 Hole Punched range,a 4 ream carton and the introduction of Reflex Recycled Pure White in A3 80gsm.


To support the new $90 million recycling plant at Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill in Victoria, a new television commercial was launched featuring Reflex Pure White 50% Recycled and starring 'The Printer Guru'. This quirky take on the most common of printer frustrations fills consumers with a sense of 'Enwhitenment'.

Two new products were also introduced  – Pure White 50% Recycled Carbon Neutral and White 100% Recycled Carbon Neutral office paper. Both products are white, premium recycled office paper with no compromise on quality or whiteness.


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