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  • Reflex is made in Australia at the Maryvale Mill, Gippsland, Victoria
  • Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill first opened for operations in 1937
  • The Reflex brand was launch in 1984 and was the first paper brand to be advertised on TV in the world
  • Before Reflex brand was launched it was called 127N Dry Copy Paper
  • The Reflex brand name was derived from the optical principles used in photocopying; light reflected back from the surface of the original into the copier’s scanner
  • The paper machine which makes Reflex is 100 metres long and runs at a speed of over 900 metres per minute or nearly 60km/hr



  • Before it is cut into reams, 1 reel of Reflex paper takes about 1 hour to make, is 7 metres wide, 45 kilometres long and can be cut into over 10,000 reams of Reflex
  • Reflex launched Australia’s first carbon neutral office paper in 2008
  • Reflex Colours range were launched in 1986 and today the most popular colours are yellow and blue.
  • Over 50 different product configurations are made and sold across the Reflex office paper brand portfolio
  • Reflex is the leading office paper brand in Australia with almost 100 per cent total brand recognition among paper buyers
  • Australian Paper is certified under both AFS (globally endorsed by the PEFC) as well as the FSC® forestry chain of custody certifications
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