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With common agreement amongst the scientific community that human activity is contributing to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and resulting in climate change, the opportunity exists for Australian Paper to make an essential contribution towards energy conservation.


As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and limit our greenhouse gas emissions, Australian Paper has adopted a multi- layered program to drive continuous improvements and meet various obligations and legislative requirements;

  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) Program (VIC)

Australian Paper is committed to reducing our energy and greenhouse footprint in recognition of the environmental and economic benefits that can be achieved. Australian Paper is actively involved in voluntary initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Recognising that manufacturing paper requires energy, Australian Paper is continuously seeking ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and exploring opportunities for renewable energy alternatives. The Maryvale Mill, for example, uses a variety of energy sources including natural gas, electricity produced from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources including wind-power systems and power recovery from mill manufacturing processes. These initiatives have resulted in the Maryvale Paper Mill being the largest generators of baseloadrenewable energy in Victoria.

The majority of ‘direct' GHG emissions are produced on-site as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels to convert steam, which is used to power our boilers and the pulping process. The ‘indirect' GHG emissions are energy produced as a result of the electricity we purchase from the grid and natural gas. Australian Paper has strict parameters and continuous monitoring for our GHG emissions. The Maryvale Mill seeks to maintain its operations within licence limits and works closely with environmental regulators to ensure that its performance continues to be the best it can be.

Highlighting our commitment to innovation, we continue to leverage renewable energy sources. The Maryvale Mill derives approximately 51% of its energy requirements from bio-fuels which are renewable energy sources.

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