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At Australian Paper we are committed to ongoing industry innovation in local paper production. With our new waste paper recycling plant at Maryvale Mill in Victoria now fully integrated into our operations, we are buying quality waste paper collected locally then sorting and cleaning on site and re-manufacturing into premium paper products. The combination of quality waste streams for white paper production and our the state-of-the-art “de-inking plant” process ensures that the Maryvale Mill continues to produce premium, bright white papers, consistently.

Incorporating the very latest in technology, this $90 million waste paper recycling plant is the only one of its kind in Australia and has the capacity to divert 80,000 tonnes of waste paper from landfill each year; that’s equivalent to 16 billion sheets of A4 copy paper. Our goal is to triple the usage of quality, recycled fibre in our office, printing, publishing, envelope and stationery papers ranging from 10% to 100% recycled content.

Not only does this investment confirm our commitment to local recycled paper production, it also creates an additional 240 regional, full time jobs and contributes an additional $50.7 million per annum to the Australian economy.

You can refer to our Australian Paper Guide for a list of our recycled content papers and products.Loops _2

For the full story watch the below video from the Going Bush TV series.




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Reflex is the proud sponsor of Planet Ark's Friday File Fling.

Make a sustainable difference and get your workplace involved in the Friday File Fling proudly sponsored by Reflex. You can also do more to see the efficient use of this resource. By choosing to buy Australian made recycled content paper you will be part of the recycling revolution closing the local recycling loop.

To register for the Friday File Fling click here or for more information visit the Planet Ark website.

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By recycling the paper we use, we are all helping reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. But we can do more to see the efficient use of the paper we send off for recycling. By choosing to buy Australian made recycled content papers, you can become part of the recycling revolution, closing the local recycling loop and supporting a local employer committed to ongoing investment and sustainability.

Australian Paper is proudly in partnership with Planet Ark to promote and grow demand for locally made, recycled content office and printing papers.

As a result, the ‘Make it Australian Recycled’ campaign was launched in 2013 to encourage recycled paper purchasing by individuals, businesses and Government at a range of levels. With a rich history and successful recycling initiatives all over Australia since 1992, Planet Ark is well placed to help Australian Paper achieve this goal.

Make It Australian Recycled – a unique Australian initiative for local recycled papers.

Make a difference. Make it Australian recycled.

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Hear about the Make it Australian Recycled campaign from Planet Ark here:


Visit PlanetArk.org/MakeItRecycled for more information.




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