Pure White 50% Recycled


When it comes to manufacturing paper, we acquire waste papers and de-inked pulp to use as an alternative fibre source which reduces the amount of virgin fibre required. In this way, we actively divert waste paper from landfills and support the sustainable practice of commercial recycling. In addition, using waste papers as an input also enables us to produce recycled paper products that meet the needs of our customers.

Our newly commissioned $90 million Maryvale recycling paper plant will divert up to 80,000 tonnes of waste paper from Australian landfill every year which is equivalent to 16 billion sheets of A4 copy paper, creating 50,000 tonnes of premium recycled pulp per annum.



Australian Paper is focused on driving materials and resource efficiency as well as the management of final waste materials and is constantly looking at ways to reduce solid waste and promote recycling initiatives. We recognise that by finding innovative ways to reduce or recycle our waste, the added benefit is that we also reduce operating costs and improve our environmental efficiencies.

Australian Paper is committed to reusing materials to gain the most from our raw resources and assist in reducing our input requirements, as evidenced by programs such as our efficient reuse of water at the Maryvale Mill. Furthermore, we are continually looking for innovative solutions to recycle our waste by-products as well as extending our recycling initiatives.

An onsite recycling program at Maryvale Mill ensures the separation and collection of glass, plastics, aluminium, paper, steel, and stretch film from general waste to divert these from going to landfill and support recycling initiatives for these materials.

Encouraging our customers to recycle and reuse paper products is yet another way that we are trying to reduce the effect of our activities. Through the Australian Packaging Covenant, we have voluntarily developed an action plan to minimise the environmental impacts of packaging waste.

In recognition of our responsibility to reduce the end-life impact of our products, we continue to expand our recycled paper range awith products like Reflex Pure White 50% Recycled and 100% White Recycled office paper.  

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